Sacred Space Candle


An eco-friendly 100% natural essential oil candle that will fill your home with the Nunaïa signature scent. Its floral, soothing fragrance of lavender and rose geranium enhances well-being with a positive, therapeutic effect on mind, body and spirit encouraging restful sleep and a greater sense of calm.

Designed as the first step in the Nunaïa skincare ritual to create a space of relaxation and balance. 




  • Nunaïa Founder Nicola Connolly shares the story behind ‘Sacred Space’

    “I have been blending and crafting my own candles for almost 10 years now using my favourite botanical scents to create blends that help soothe, calm and harmonise.

    Candles are an integral part of my night-time wind-down ritual. I light a candle as the first step in my skincare ritual as a reminder to reconnect with myself after the busyness of the day. This ritual marks the transition from the ‘doing‘ to the ‘being’ supported by soothing plant botanicals to prepare for restful, deep sleep.

    I created ‘Sacred Space’ with magical lavender and rose geranium as a way to share this ‘anchor point’ with you in your day and enhance your sense of calm and presence. I hope you love it.”
    Nicola x

  • Our ingredients promise

    Our soil to skin ethos guarantees 100% natural, ethical, organic and cruelty free ingredients. We lovingly craft our products with intention and source our therapeutic grade organic botanical ingredients from our family of growers when they are at their freshest and most effective.

    Botanical extracts:
    • Lavender - helps to calm, soothe, ease tension and centre the emotions.
    • Rose Geranium - shown to ease anxiety, calm, relax and help us connect to our intuition.
    • Sustainably sourced, non-GMO Soy Wax

    Made from plant-based ingredients and 100% Ecocert COSMOS Natural certified essential oils.

    FREE FROM petroleum, paraffin, synthetic fragrances, fragrance additives and phthalates.

    Read more about our ingredients philosophy here.

  • Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Nunaïa.

    • We use 100% non-GMO soy wax from renewable and sustainable sources. 94% of the worlds soy production is from genetically modified production and causes loss of biodversity due to high pesticide use as well as deforestation. By choosing non-GMO soy wax we support the preservation of biodiversity and farmers who are committed to sustainable, regenerative agriculture.
    • We use 100% Ecocert COSMOS natural essential oils and no synthetic fragrance.
    • The glass jar is fully reusable and recylable and our outer packaging is made from FSC certified card from sustainably managed forests and biodegradable.

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