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Like so many women today, Founder Nicola Connolly was feeling that the sense of balance, the simple connection to nature and the joy in her life were giving way to the increasing pressures and demands of a busy world.

Believing that there had to be a way to bring greater meaning and balance to her life, she gave up the familiar and set out on a journey of exploration to find
guidance and insight.

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Over the course of the next decade, she found herself living and working with local communities on the Galapagos Islands, the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Andes Mountains of Peru, helping them to develop sustainable models for their unique heritage.

These regenerative business models allowed them to protect their incredible natural resources and culture, as well as experience a better standard of living.

These naturally grounded people within their pristine native environments helped Nicola find what she was seeking: a deeper connection with herself, with nature and the ancestral wisdom of the land and, ultimately a more balanced way to live.

Nunaïa was born from these experiences.


Nunaïa, pronounced [noo-nigh-ya], is a blend of three words from the Quechua language of the Andes Mountains. It means ‘Soul Tribe’ and is inspired by our belief that we are all connected. It represents our vision of fostering connection and well-being by nurturing people, planet and communities so that we all can thrive.

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Nunaïa, is founded on our ‘Beauty Within’ philosophy. We believe in an authentic beauty that is particular to every person. This is much more than surface deep, and naturally flows from a deep sense of inner balance, well-being and connection.

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At the heart of the insights that Nicola has gained from this wisdom is the importance of ‘daily rituals,’ or moments of self-love.

Taking the time to stop and pause, to re-connect with oneself, to what gives us meaning and fulfillment, to what is precious to us, allows us to find moments of stillness in daily life.

Our range of superfood skincare rituals are crafted and formulated to restore skin health and bring a greater sense of calm and balance to your day.

At Nunaïa we are guided by Pachamama or Mother Earth and we listen to her magic every step we take. Crafted with potent, nutrient-dense botanicals from the Peruvian Rainforest and Andes Mountains that not only nourish and restore skin health but also soothe our emotions and help calm and balance.

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