We craft consciously formulated, innovative skincare and wellbeing essentials using the latest green beauty technology combined with the ancestral wisdom of plant medicine.

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Plants have an incredible ability to bring the body and mind back into balance or homeostasis. We use a range of clinically proven natural ingredients that work in synergy so that every vitamin, mineral, phytonutrient, antioxidant, essential fatty acid and polyphenol in our products delivers high-performance results.

We formulate with conscious intention creating award-winning products where the complete formulation is much greater than the sum of its parts.


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We use clinically proven pure, potent and functional ingredients at optimal levels for clean, science-backed formulas that optimize the therapeutic potential of plant compounds and restore balance to skin and soul.

  • Clinical efficacy

    All our skincare products are clinically and dermatologically tested in a third party clinical lab.

  • The Science

    Nourishing Radiance Serum is proven to boost hydration levels and help improve skin barrier function.


Chemist-formulated and holistically designed our products target not only skin health but your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Formulated by our ‘plant medicine’ dream team which includes a Cosmetic Chemist, Biologist, Plant Medicine Healer and our Founder Nicola Connolly, our skincare rituals are built on a foundation of intentionally selected, pure and functional ingredients. Each ingredient is harvested at peak potency and used at optimal concentrations for clinically proven formulations that restore skin health.

We also harness the magical power of plants to heal and balance our emotional and spiritual well-being and incorporate this vibrational plant medicine into every product we create.


We are one of few skincare companies who proudly formulate and produce our skincare products ourselves in Ireland. While outsourcing would certainly make life easier, we believe it’s crucial to own every step of the process from concept to creation right up until you receive your product in your hands to ensure exceptional quality, every time.

We follow ISO 22716 and Ecocert COSMOS Good Manufacturing Practices which ensures we hold high standards right across our supply chain, and we continually improve our processes.

We own every step of the journey from sourcing our plant-materials to ensuring they are processed and stored correctly, to how each product is produced and packaged. This allows us to stand 100% behind the transparency and ethical nature of what we do at Nunaïa and also means we can guarantee that the products we send out are of the highest quality, full of Nunaïa love and are products you and your family can trust.

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