Founder working with a local grower in the Peruvian Andes sourcing the natural ingredients of Nunaia's organic skincare serum

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DREAMED OF in the Andean Mountains of Peru
POWERED BY potent Peruvian botanical ingredients
INSPIRED BY ancient wisdom blended with modern green beauty technology

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Peaceful shot of woman up the Andes Mountains reflecting and finding greater inner balance and well-being


Nunaïa is founded on our ‘Beauty Within’ philosophy. We believe in an authentic beauty that is particular to every woman. This is much more than simply surface deep, and naturally flows from a deep sense of inner balance, well-being and connection.


Nunaia Logo

Nunaïa, pronounced [noo-nigh-yah], is a blend of 3 words from the Quechua language of the Andes Mountains.  It means ‘Soul Tribe’ and represents our vision of fostering connection and well-being by nurturing people, planet and communities.

Local grower from Peruvian Andes who grows some of the natural ingredients for the Nourishing Radiant Face Serum by Nunaia


Nunaïa means ’Soul Tribe’ and this vision inspires everything we do from the communities where we source our raw materials in the Peruvian Andes and Amazon Rainforest to our Nunaïa tribe around the world.



Nature and the beauty of this earth inspires and nourishes us daily. We believe that nothing and no one should suffer from what you put on your skin, so naturally our environmental impact is a critical part of our DNA.