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We live by a ‘soil to skin’ ethos where we safeguard and protect the integrity and efficacy of our high performance ingredients right from our growers until our products reach your hands and return to the earth.

We believe plants are potent and magical and can help restore not only skin health but also a greater sense of serenity, calm and balance. We listen to and are guided by nature every step of the way.

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Soil & seed quality

Many years of scientific research have gone into sourcing our superfood actives from their perfect growing conditions around the world to attain the most potent, targeted results for skin health.

We only source therapeutic grade, organic botanical ingredients lovingly grown in nutrient rich, healthy soil while at their freshest and most effective.


We combine the ancestral wisdom of the land with the latest green beauty technology to process our raw materials.

  • Clean

    We don’t use hydrocarbons or other chemical entrainers that can contain toxins and heavy metals when processing our actives. Over 2500 ingredients on our never list.

  • Slow

    We take our time when processing our materials and dynamically control the temperature to ensure our actives are not damaged in the process. Over 90% of our processing is done at under 47C to protect efficacy of our actives.

  • Gentle

    We gently process the organic petals, seeds and fruits used in our formulations and combine them at effective concentrations for targeted, functional results for skin health.

  • Raw

    Our precious oils are cold-pressed mechanically so their properties are not damaged by heat and our flower essences are steam distilled to preserve their beneficial properties and extract the highest quality essential oils available.

Farming practices

We work directly with small farmer growers, primarily in the Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest of Peru, who use regenerative, sustainable and certified organic farming practices that don’t damage the earth, and which empower them to preserve their cultural traditions and build sustainable futures for their families. Read the story of our Founder Nicola and how she worked with these communities. (link to follow)

We believe in regenerative agriculture (link to sustsinability page) that allows our plants to be fully nurtured by the the wind, rain, sun, moon and other elements creating the highest quality ingredients to nourish both skin and soul.

All our materials are grown using biodynamic principles. We use no harsh, synthetic chemicals anywhere along our supply chain – no pesticides, no insecticides, no herbicides, no petroleum-based fertilizers, no hydrocarbon solvents and no radiation.

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