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So gentle yet gets rid of all make up - I have been using for three years and will never change,

Beautiful product, could not be without it. It makes your skin look and feel good.

Love the product

Little Piece of Heaven

The candles smell amazing and I feel have a very calming effect

Lisa Murphy
Heavenly Scent

I have been a fan of this brand for years and yet again doesn’t disappoint, the beautiful scent of the serum is replicated in the candle, very distinctive and heavenly

My skin is glowing!

I am a die hard Nunaia fan for the past two years. I love this new bundle as i don't need the packaging every time i buy, I save a little buying the duo and my skin is glowing!

Sacred space candle

Beautiful fragrance, very calming and the most natural I have come across. Great packaging! I'll be re-ordering regularly.

Beautiful candle

I absolutely love my candle which I got this week. The fragrance is just lovely. I'm really fussy about which scented candles I'll use and I'm really delighted to have found a new Irish one with natural ingredients and eco credentials. Totally recommend

It smells amazing!

I got my candles today, love them. they smell amazing. Just love the scent, so calming.

I love the candle!

When i opened the box the signature Nunaia scent came out... so lovely and calming! These will make amazing gifts.

A lovely way to kick-start the evening wind down

This candle is a lovely way to kick-start the wind down of an evening. The delicate fragrance is really relaxing and makes me want to take a breath and appreciate my surroundings. It will make such a nice gift for Christmas, a little piece of self-care amongst the hustle and bustle of busy lives!

This is the candle I’ve been waiting for!

Not only does it look beautiful but it smells divine and I can light it safe in the knowledge that the ingredients are truly clean and natural. Anyone who walks into my living room now comments on how beautiful the fragrance is!


Love the texture and scent. A small amount removes all makeup. Delighted to have come across this product and brand.


I am so happy to have found this brand (cleanser and serum) at Gifted fair in RDS last December. My skin looks and feels so much better (and younger).

Catherine Cowman
New travel pack

Delighted that nunaïa brought this travel pack out. Gives me great reassurance having theses products with me when traveling, know that my skin is cleansed and moisturized. First thing to pack, well done Nuniaï….


The products feel wonderful and nourishing on our skin. Very much enjoying the experience using the natural products. It is both physically and spiritually satisfying.

Love this serum

I've been using this serum at night for a couple of years now and love it. I would tend to have dry skin and this keeps my skin hydrated and glowing. Highly recommend. Love the package free option too. Thanks for a great product.

Super handy!

I love this certified organic oversize tote. It's a very thick fabric so wears very well and doesn't look all crinkled after the first use.

Rosemarie Ahern O'Gorman
Beautiful products

I loved these two products. The cleansing balm just melts off all make up and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and the serum feels very nourishing and moisturising.

Cosmétique de qualité

Je suis ravie de mon achat, enfin un nettoyant qui ne va pas abîmer ma peau et qui a une odeur incroyable

Glowing skin

I’ve been using this arum now for a few weeks & love it! It smells amazing, has a lovely consistency & most importantly leaves my skin feeling so soft and glowy :)

Very good products

I purchased the mini ritual set after seeing the Nationwide segment on Nunaia. I developed a dislike of perfumes and other smells over the past few years and while the products are quite pungent I don't have a problem using them as they are very natural smells that dissipate quite quickly. My skin has definitely responded to using them and I would purchase the bigger sizes next time now that I know the quality of what I'm purchasing.

Excellent product

I never heard of Palo Santo until I saw the programme on Nationwide about Nunaia. I decided to give it a try and was apprehensive as I have developed a dislike for a lot of smells over the past few years. I was pleasantly surprised to find the smell is very subtle and I now enjoy cleansing my home space on a regular basis. I would definitely order it again.

Love the product

You can consider me a customer, I will be ordering the serum again shortly. Thanks great find.

A gift for my daughter

Bought this for my daughter (20’s) and she absolutely loves the products and intends to buy more of them
Well Done!