Tips to boost your immune function

mai 05, 2020

Tips to boost your immune function


In today's wellness series Homepath Julia Edgely talks us through her top 4 tips to boost your immune function from a homeopathic perspective. 

Julia is a certified Homeopath practicing in the South of France and online. We love her holistic approach to health and healthy lifestyles and she is also a big fan of clean beauty as part of an overall clean lifestyle.

This is a six minute video with simple tips that you can implement easily into your daily life. 



At Nunaïa (pronounced [noo-nigh-yah], we bring more connection into women's lives through our daily beauty wellness rituals. Our Nunaïa wellness series aims brings you tips and tools from wellness teachers and experts around the world to help you find more connection in your day.


You can learn more about Julia here.