Natural Retinol Alternatives For Your Skin

novembre 18, 2021

Natural Retinol Alternatives For Your Skin

In recent years, retinol, retin-A and retinoic acid have gained a great deal of attention and are a must-have in most anti-ageing skin care routines. But did you know that there also 100% plant-based 'bio-retinols' available that don't cause the same sensitisation as retinol?

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a form of vitamin A which has wonderful skin regeneration properties. Daily light exposure, pollution and UV rays accelerate the aging process and play a big part in the depletion of collagen levels. Many studies have confirmed the benefits of retinol, proving its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots from photoaging and boost collagen production resulting in healthier, more supple skin.

Cons of Using Retinol

So, what’s not to love? Well, although retinol carries many benefits, there are however some drawbacks to this ingredient. The vitamin A derivative has been known in some users to cause reactions such as burning, peeling, increased sensitivity and redness. Retinol can also not be used if you are pregnant or nursing, as excess levels of vitamin A can negatively impact a baby’s development.

What are the Retinol Alternatives?

Fortunately, there are other natural alternatives to retinol. These are 100% complete plant forms of this key ingredient that are gentler, safer and less likely to irritate the skin. Here are our top 3 recommendations for natural alternatives to retinol.


Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is naturally anti-ageing due it’s moisturisation properties which protect the skin. It also naturally contains retinoic acid, and it’s generous levels of vitamin A and C means that it encourages cell turnover for fresher, brighter and renewed skin.

Rosehip oil even has the ability to act as a shield against enzymes that destroy collagen in the skin, so this botanical helps keep the skin healthier and more plump-looking. Rosehip is known to be a dry oil, so although it is deeply moisturising, it won’t leave your skin feeling clogged and sticky and will absorb relatively quickly.


Sacha Inchi oil

This miracle ingredient from the Amazon in south America, also known as the ‘mountain peanut’ is packed with nutrient-dense compounds that transform the skin. It contains high levels of vitamin A and boosts keratinocyte production in the skin by 19% within 24 hours. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and noticeably improves the skin’s hydration, promoting its repair.

This active is high in omegas and antioxidants and is naturally anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, protecting the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Similar to retinol, sacha inchi can improve the appearance of skin and acne, but it is less prone to cause irritation. This is one of our signature actives found in our award-winning Nourishing Radiance Serum.


Maracuja oil

Another South American regenerative oil, maracuja, from the passion fruit family is an anti-inflammatory oil that is beneficial for dry and irritated skin. Its high carotenoid content means that maracuja is abundant in antioxidant goodness, encouraging the renewal of skin cells. This of course results in a more even, healthier looking glow for the skin. Similar to our other suggestions, studies have shown that maracuja stimulates the production of collagen, has skin healing properties and naturally contains vitamin A.

All three of these botanical actives can be found in Nunaia’s uniquely formulated, Nourishing Radiance Serum. We carefully formulate to ensure the maximum concentration of the wonderful plant properties these ingredients have to offer. As well as the serum working as a natural bio-retinol, it helps to maintain levels of moisture, reduces redness and enhances skin tone and texture.

Our ingredients are sourced directly from our growers in the Peruvian rainforest and Andes Mountains, guaranteeing uncompromised freshness, quality and efficacy for your skin.

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