Top 5 Tips on how to use the multi-purpose Superfood Cleansing Balm

July 15, 2020

Top 5 Tips on how to use the multi-purpose Superfood Cleansing Balm

In this week's blog post Homeopath and Clean Beauty Expert Julia Edgely shares her top tips on how to use our Superfood Cleansing Balm.  

Like us, Julia is a big fan of multi-tasking products, so much so that she even came up with a few innovative uses of the balm we hadn't considered! A big thanks to Julia for her tips...

Weekends away, what do you pack?

I always travel light if I have a weekend away, especially for my nature fix.

I always find a balm is the easiest product to pack which covers all the basics. At the moment I am using the Superfood Cleansing Balm but it has come in handy for so many different uses!

Firstly, the ingredients in Nunaïa's products are incredible and sourced from Peru. Read about their story and how active they are in their supply chain and the communities they work with. Definitely a brand that is Julia Edgely approved!


Nunaia Superfood Cleansing Balm

So here is how a balm works so well for a weekend away:

  • Super gentle cleanser - A weekend away, no make-up, just clean air, you want a simple cleanser at night before bed. But even if you are going on a city break. The oils in the balm break down make-up, deep cleanses the pores and gently removes pollutants from your skin. Plus the oils used here add a moment of calm to your already relaxed body. This calmness is invaluable to your immune system.
  • Sunburn relief - I was hardly 10 mins in the sun without my SPF and you all saw the results! I grabbed my balm and immediately felt some relief.
  • Foot balm - I know this balm was not intended for your feet but hear me out. After a morning of walking in the forest (or sightseeing) your feet are tired and a gentle foot massage can be called for! Our feet are connected to our whole body. A massage here will be felt in your shoulders, digestion and even your mind. Natural products with essential oils will have a powerful full body effect!
  • Body Balm - A little goes a very long way after a shower and it’s one less bottle to have to pack.
  • Scalp treatment - This one is a bit of a stretch but my scalp seemed a little dry, so a few rubs of the balm before a rinse, sorted it out!

Packing a balm really appeals to the virgo in me: effective clean ingredients, benefits the mind and body, multi-purpose use and is neat and orderly to pack!

You can learn more about Julia, her refreshing approach to clean beauty and her homeopathy practice here.