How to create a vegan beauty routine

November 06, 2021

How to create a vegan beauty routine


As we all become more aware of the climate crisis and the importance of taking better care of our planet and our communities many of us are switching to vegan-friendly lifestyles.

There has been a huge increase in interest in vegan diets, clothing and beauty products over the past few years. As we all become more conscious of how our individual lifestyles impact the bigger picture, many of us have chosen to reduce our own carbon footprint by switching to a vegan beauty routine that reduces the use of animal by-products and animal agriculture emissions. 

Today we wanted to share our top tips on how to create a vegan beauty routine,  a routine that doesn't contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. 

Check your ingredient lists

We talk a lot about reading ingredient lists at Nunaïa, as this is one of the best ways to educate and empower yourself to make better choices for both your own health and the planet’s. At first it might feel daunting as you read unfamiliar names and scientific terms but there are some great free resources out there like the EWG database. You just plug in the ingredient you aren't sure of and it will tell you what the ingredient is and if it is harmful to human health.

Switch to vegan hair care products

Biotin, keratin, beeswax, gelatin, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid and silk powder — are just some of the animal-derived ingredients found in shampoos and conditioners. Many hair care products are also tested on animals so again read the ingredient list of what's in your favourite hair products.

Create a vegan skincare routine

When it comes to going vegan, skin care be a bit of a minefield. Again the ingredient list is going to be your best-friend! Check for animal-derived ingredients such as squalane (often extracted from shark liver), lanolin, glycerine, hyaluronic acid (often extracted from rooster’s comb) beeswax and animal collagen.

Look for the certified Vegan Society logo on products as it's a quick way to tell at a glance if your product is truly vegan certified. All Nunaïa products are certified vegan by the Vegan Society. 

Nunaia Beauty Certified Vegan Skincare 

Opt for vegan deodorant

Many deodorants are tested on animals and can contain animal-derived ingredients such as bee pollen, chitosan (from shrimp), propolis, stearic acid and urea.

Swap out your falsies

Unfortunately, many eyelash brands still use fur to make their products. This is typically taken from minks that are confined to small and inhumane spaces. Say no to mink-made false eyelashes and check with the company what your falsies are made from. 

Animal-friendly Lipstick

Lipsticks tend to contain many ingredients that are harmful to the animal kingdom. These ingredients include beeswax and carmine (from an insect called cochineal) which gives lipstick those lovely red shades. Again check the ingredient list to choose greener alternatives.

With all the advances in green beauty technology over the past years there are wonderful plant-based sources of most of the above ingredients. So, if in doubt about an ingredient in one of your products reach out to the company and ask. Most companies who are genuinely vegan and cruelty-free will have no problem sharing this information and there are some amazing vegan brands out there today. 

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