October 15, 2021

Nunaia Beauty Autumn Skincare Tips


As humans, we are part of nature and her seasons. If we look at the cycles of nature and how they shift throughout the year, she provides us with many tips on how to nurture and look after both our skin and soul.

The leaves are now falling from the plants and trees and turning inwards as they prepare to hibernate as we move from Autumn to Winter. The heating is on and we’re moving from heated homes out to the cold many times a day. These temperature changes can mean dry, dull and more sensitive skin. Like the trees around us, these colder months slow down the skin’s renewal process so we need to work a little harder at keeping our skin glowing and radiant.


 1. Drink water

Our skin is made up of 64% water and is essential for our health. It helps to boost circulation, digestion and remove toxins from our skin and bodies. It also helps to increase the density of the skin. If we don’t drink enough water our skin can appear dull with lines and wrinkles more visible. Try to drink about two litres a day (coffee doesn’t count!) but herbal teas do.

 2. Eat the rainbow

We’ve talked about the importance of what we eat on our skin health before. After the Summer our skin can be depleted of antioxidants as it has been more exposed to the outdoors. Try to eat the colours of the rainbow in every meal with lots of whole grains, leafy greens, vegetables, fruit and lean proteins. This will help replenish vitamins and minerals and as a result improve our skin health.

3. Moisturise!

This is a key step in your Autumn/Winter skin routine. You might find your skin is drier and more dehydrated during this time. Using a moisturiser or serum that is rich in good fats – essential fatty acids will be key in keeping your skin hydrated and comfortable. Apply a moisturiser to the skin immediately after cleansing or taking a shower while skin is still damp, to help it absorb better. I usually switch to a richer day cream for these months to add a protective layer to my skin while I am out and about and to help my skin combat  the heat, cold, pollution and other external skin stressors. 

4. Cleanse

During seasonal transitions it's best not to use harsh exfoliators or peels and to allow your skin to adapt naturally to the new season. Cleansing is a vital step for your skin health. I do a light single cleanse in the morning and a deeper double cleanse in the evening. I use the Superfood Cleansing Balm because it is made with gentle, natural exfoliants that won’t leave the skin feeling stripped or dry. It helps stimulate cellular turnover and support the skin’s natural renewal process. Choose a richer cleansing product that is nourishing and leaves your skin moisturised and supple. I also love using the balm as a brightening treatment mask for twenty minutes to restore radiance and replenish my skin in the colder months.

Nunaia Beauty Skincare rituals

5. Commit to a night-time skincare ritual

Night-time is the time for your body, skin and spirit to rest, repair and regenerate. Implementing a nightly skincare ritual signals to your mind that it is time to start slowing down and preparing for a good night’s rest. Making sure to cleanse your skin properly and apply products that support your skin’s regeneration and repair while you sleep is key.

Richer serums and face oils are a great night-time treatment choice. Apply your serum to cleansed skin. My favourite is our Nourishing Radiance Serum which is made of certified organic plant botanicals with potent aromatherapy properties. The floral scent soothes and calms while the serum itself helps to balance the skin’s hydration levels, reduce redness and inflammation and restore tone and texture while you sleep.

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